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Viaspace Madagascar
With an office at Antananarivo and Mahajanga, Viaspace Madagascar is a company specialized in mobile satellite communications and radio and marine electronics equipment.

Satellite Air Time
Based in Mauritius, Satellite Air Time is an expert company specialiezd on INMARSAT, IRIDIUM, THURAYA satellite telecommunication.

Viaspace Mauritius
Based in Mauritius, Viaspace Mauritius is a R&D company COMMON.Dealing with products, services and applications developments for satellite telecommunication purpose.

What is GlobeInfos ?

GlobeInfos was initially created and designed by Frenchman José Hernandez in 2009.In 2012, Viaspace Group bought the rights to the exploitation and development of the application. Since then Globeinfos is in constant improvement to meet the demands of our professional and non-professional customers. Development is managed jointly by all ViaSpace Companies : Satellite Air Time Mauritius, Viaspace Mauritius and Madagascar and Agence Via Space in France.

The owners of boats, vessels or vehicles have thereby an online mobile tracking application. GlobeInfos is a real time application that provides an accurate map and allows users to track each of their vessels or vehicles equipped with INMARSAT-C, IRIDIUM, IsatPhonePRO, FleetBroadband, BGAN700 ...
GlobeInfos is constantly being improved : others satellite networks, such as ISATDATAPRO, Thuraya, Iridium SBD, but also GSM are currently under integration.

To apply to this service you must be a registered user. To do this, simply send us an email at the following address: A technician will contact you as soon as possible in order to obtain the necessary technical information on your terminal. Setting up a mobile tracking is quick, it depends only on the mobile configuration.

We participate actively in the fight against spam, and we will never post your email address to a third party.

Fleet Administration Server access :
The document management service used by ship owners, trucking companies ... through our dedicated Fleet Administration Server, Globeinfos includes full access to specific functionalities to manage documents and alerts on administration web pages. This is a needful service for ship managers for instance: it becomes easy to find any vessel information at any time. This is a standalone service. Access to this service is done on GlobeInfos site, on the login page of the terminals administrators. A username and a password are required.

The Fleet Administration Server functionalities are :
  • Crew lists management: management of IMO approved documents or any others (.doc files imported in PDF). Lists are directly managed for each vessel by the owner or account administrator on dedicated server administration pages.
  • Contacts lists management: onboard contact names, telephones, fax and emails details are directly managed for each vessel by the owner or account administrator on dedicated server administration pages. Information is stored in a dedicated SQL database server for faster consultation and manipulation.
  • Technical data management: technical data sheet or other information on vessels (specific HTML pages or PDF) can be imported for each vessel by the owner or account administrator on dedicated server administration pages. Information is also stored in the dedicated SQL database server for faster consultation and manipulation.
  • Position reports historical: on owner or account administrator demand, we can provide historical position reports files per vessels. Format of the file is also on demand.
  • Automatic sending of alerts messages: on owner or account administrator demand, SMS and/or email messages to GSM phone or Internet can be setup to be sent automatically upon specific events: Maritime Distress, Land Mobile Alert, abnormal delay in the data report reception, on reception of specific MEM code.

Dedicated technical team:

This team is in charge of everything for you :
  • DNID subscription with the correct format directly to the LES,
  • DNID downloading on the transceivers on vessels or vehicles,
  • Programming transmission frequency of positions by Poll commands via email, ISDN or TCP/IP
  • Interfacing with LES and Inmarsat in case of any trouble on the network,
  • Sending messages to owners in case specific problems detected on board vessels,
  • Direct contacts with crew and captains if needed (with agreement of ship‐owner),
  • Sending of regular bulletins to resuming follow up if needed to owners or account administrators.

This service is provided by our partner Satellite Air Time, a Silver Partner member of INMARSAT. This certification attests to its expertise in transmission systems by Inmarsat satellites, its seriousness and its excellent services. Satellite Air Time is an ISP, the company is able to offer to take care of your communications INMARSAT. For more information: Satellite Air Time