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Viaspace Madagascar
With an office at Antananarivo and Mahajanga, Viaspace Madagascar is a company specialized in mobile satellite communications and radio and marine electronics equipment.

Satellite Air Time
Based in Mauritius, Satellite Air Time is an expert company specialiezd on INMARSAT, IRIDIUM, THURAYA satellite telecommunication.

Viaspace Mauritius
Based in Mauritius, Viaspace Mauritius is a R&D company COMMON.Dealing with products, services and applications developments for satellite telecommunication purpose.

Last news

August 23th-September 03th: GT300 by Queclink in action

At the end of August, Via Space Madagascar’s team went on a commercial mission to the Great Southern part of the island : a great opportunity for them to live-test the GSM device GT300 by Queclink… And they were not disappointed by the results since the precision of the positions and the reliability of the information they received were highly satisfying.
Via Space Madagascar’s adventure could be followed online whatever the situations they met during their journey: whether they were on the road, using a local ferry, in town or in the outback, they were always tracked. When our colleagues went across regions where the GSM network was not available, the positions of their device were kept in memory to be retransmitted later on.

May 15th-18th, june 19th-21th 2014: GlobeInfos at the FIM (Foire Internationale de Madagascar)
and the Salon des Mines, des Hydrocarbures et des Equipements

Viaspace Madagascar’s young and enthusiastic team actively increased its attendance to events such as trade shows and fairs. Recently, the company participated in the FIM (Foire Internationale de Madagascar) and the Salon des Mines, des Hydrocarbures et Equipments. These events have been excellent opportunities to introduce the general public to its activities and products.
GlobeInfos and its vehicles and vessels tracking features attracted an incredible attention from both professional and personal publics. Relying on satellite networks that provide nearly global coverage, Viaspace can truly offer an ideal solution for users who are currently operating on the GSM network and often travel to remote areas.

Tracking avec FleetBroadBand et BGAN

Getting access to a broadband connection in the desert or at sea is no longer an issue with satellite technologies. Land-equipment BGAN and maritime equipment FleetBroadband offer high-level services to communicate outside of the traditional networks. In addition to the voice and data services their equipment offer, GlobeInfos gives users the opportunity to track their devices wherever they are in the world. Better management and higher security for your teams are among the advantages the application.

Tracking with Isatphone 2 and Iridium extreme

To make tracking more accessible, Globeinfos’ team of developers is currently working on the integration of
satellite handheld phones tracking signals. It will indeed soon be possible to locate the following phones and their users wherever they are : Inmarsat’s IsatPhone2 launched in late of May 2014 and Iridium Extreme launched in 2013. The two phones are also designed with a SOS button to provide support on the ground if a problem occurs and to ultimately increase security during dangerous missions.