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Satellite Air Time
Based in Mauritius, Satellite Air Time is an expert company specialiezd on INMARSAT, IRIDIUM, THURAYA satellite telecommunication.

Viaspace Mauritius
Based in Mauritius, Viaspace Mauritius is a R&D company COMMON.Dealing with products, services and applications developments for satellite telecommunication purpose.

Networks and terminals compatibility

Globeinfos is a real-time feel tracking service. It can receive and display positions from satellite equipment working on the following networks:
  INMARSAT, a geostationary satellite network offering global coverage minus the polar regions. It has been in activity for over 30 years. More information on INMARSAT
  IRIDIUM, a satellite network offering global coverage polar regions included. The network is slightly newest than Inmarsat. More information on IRIDIUM

Terrestrial tracking:

GT300 (Quecklink) [Coming soon]

The GT300 by Quecklink is small, discrete and robust device offering telephony, tracking and GeoFencing features. This low-cost but reliable product has been designed for the GSM network. In addition to its tracking abilities, an SOS button is also available.

IsatDataPro [Coming soon]

IsatDataPro IDP 780 device offers both satellite and GSM tracking services as well as tracking and communication features.


Any Inmarsat BGAN Explorer working with software version V1.3 or newer such as the Land Explorer 700-710 or the vehicle Explorer 325-727 can be used for tracking. BGAN 700 is already available on Globeinfos while other devices are currently being integrated to the application.

INMARSAT Isatphone terminals + dock station

The IsatPhone handhelds phones are very popular among our users. Equipped with an Isatdock station, any of these devices can be tracked on Globeinfos. Soon, IsatPhone 2 will also be available without a docking station.

Maritime tracking:

AIS [Coming soon]

AIS, Automatic Identification System, is an automatic system delivering messages to vessels via VHF radio. It is an alternative maritime tracking service to VMS (Inmarsat-C and others).


Inmarsat Fleetbroadband 500 marine devices can be tracked on Globeinfos.

INMARSAT-C terminals

The INMARSAT-C marine system has been one of Inmarsat flagship services since its beginnings and still one of the most frequently used onboard ships. Any type of INMARSAT Standard-C terminal can be tracked on GlobeInfos.

Hybrid tracking (both land and maritime):

IRIDIUM BEAM Communication RST100 terminals

BEAM Communication offer a wide range of products including RST100, easily programmable for tracking.
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